Artist Statement 

I would call myself a designer and maker before I would call myself an Artist. That is up to the beholder. Although what I do is indeed a form of expression, my design background constrains me to make that which is functional and pragmatic and hopefully innovative as well. I consider what I do to be a craft and one I have worked hard at refining throughout my career. Being hands on is very important to me. I enjoy the process of creating something from nothing. I want to create usable objects of desire.


BrinLab has always existed in some form since 1998. It began in Texas as George Brin Furniture, became Brin Studio when I returned to New England, and now as BrinLab since some Ratfink stole my domain name and tried to extort it back to me. So, it’s BrinLab. I like BrinLab. It represents all the working parts of me.

There’s BrinStudio, which is and always has been, custom design furniture and product.

String Tinkers is a new venture with fellow friends and music enthusiasts building roots music instruments from repurposed flooring and vintage tins and cigar boxes.
And most recently Voice.

In The Press

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Furniture curated on Furniture Serverd.com: www.furnitureserved.com

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